Will you get to meet us?
Luckit is a fun, fashion-loving competition brand!
Our bag selection is kept up-to-date by our fashion experts who research the latest trends. Of course, they have their favourites like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but they make sure the most iconic brands are available to WIN!
Our Sweet Jar
Behind the scenes they put together challenging (but not impossible!) jars of sweets using a mixture of candies. Nobody knows how many sweets are in the jar, not even us, until the official count is made when the competition ends.
frequently asked questions
We understand that winning a handbag seems too good to be true, but we are very much real. K.
Visit our Winners page to see our winners so far with their choice of handbag. Our social media pages have more images and videos of them unwrapping their prize too!
Each week the sweet count is filmed for authenticity and uploaded to our social media platforms for you to watch.
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